Gelology is a specialty catering company that focuses on gelatin appetizers, desserts and edible cocktails.  Our Gelicacies are all-ages friendly gelatin pieces and our Edible Cocktails are made with spirits for flavoring and novelty. You must be 21+ to order Edible Cocktails.

Gelology specializes in hand-crafted, artisanal  gourmet treats for any occasion.  With the perfect blend of science and art, our gelicacies are pleasing to both eye and tastebuds.

It's art you can eat™!

Our Story

In 2008,  Matthew Micari started making and blogging about gourmet jello shots as a fundraising venture for the Boston Marathon.  From there, he began designing his own molds and collaborating with artists and scientists to push the boundaries of gelatin.  In 2011, he entered the Jell-O mold competition in Brooklyn with his Jell-Obama and gained media attention. 

Gelology catering opened its doors in 2013 at Kitchen Inc. in Union Square, at the heart of the Somerville culinary explosion. 

Gelology not only offers specialty catering,  thematic and interactive tables, but also engaging food presentations for large audiences, classes and artistic gelatin centerpieces.  We also continue to hone our skills by playing around in the Gelaboratory to invent crazy concoctions and new designs for the fun of it!  

Submit your ideas here and we'll make them into reality!

There's a lot of exciting things on our plate, pun intended, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest events and creations. 

Founder and Creative Director Matthew Micari heading the
interactive Gelaboratory dessert table at the Swissnex biotech night.