Super bowl Special

We're taking pre-orders for our Super Duper Super Bowl platters now!
The first 50 orders will get 5% off and free delivery in the Boston metro area

-Three kinds-
Citrus Footballs Gelicacies w/ citron vodka and triple sec

Team Gel-logos- Denver Broncos logo on orange creamsicle gelée, orange whip vodka and spiced rum
        Carolina Panthers on blueberry gelée, blueberry vodka and blueberry pucker

Stained glass Gelicacies in choice of orange, white and blue or black, blue and white with marshmallow vodka and peach schnapps

Platter Pricing

2 dozen (mix of all three)- $50
3 dozen (mix of all three)- $72
4 dozen (mix of all three)- $96

Please inform us of any food allergies when placing your order.  


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